Exploring Apple CarPlay at General Motors

I worked to incorporate General Motor's RemoteLink app into the Apple CarPlay experience.
Once your iPhone was connected, RemoteLink would become three separate apps, Radio, Climate and Vehicle.


Control Your Car through Apple CarPlay

Each app would directly control your car unlike other Apple CarPlay apps which just control your iPhone's apps.
These apps would provide the best in-car experience by extending the car directly into Apple CarPlay.


Radio controls the native radio of your car. You'd have the ability to change sources like AM, FM, and SiriusXM. Find your favorite stations and manage presets.

Additional Radio:


Climate compliments your car's existing controls, or in some cases might be the only option.

Additional Climate:


Vehicle lets you see status information (i.e. tire pressure, oil life, indicator lights), view your driving score, manage the OnStar 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, view current OnStar services and find a local dealer.

Additional Vehicle: